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Improving Your Consistency Through Impact
By Mark Blackburn
One of the keys to playing your best golf is learning to keep your club face stable through the impact zone....READ MORE>>

How To Make Consistent Contact
By Mark Blackburn
Mark offers a couple quick tips for improving your pivot and making consistent contact from both the tee and the turf.....READ MORE>>

Make an IMPACT on Your Game!
By Mark Blackburn
Golf’s moment of truth commonly known as impact is probably one of the most misunderstood alignments in the game...READ MORE>>

How to Practice
By Mark Blackburn
Effectively practicing golf is one of the most frustrating aspects of the game...READ MORE>>

Posture Perfected!
By Mark Blackburn
Posture is a crucial factor in determining your golf swing’s overall efficiency...READ MORE>>

Sequencing Successfully!
By Mark Blackburn
Would you like a more powerful swing without any more effort? Most certainly YES is the answer every golfer would give to this question, whether beginner or tour player...READ MORE>>

Stabilize Your Swing
By Mark Blackburn
Stability during the swing is vital for consistently good ball striking...READ MORE>>

The Right Pivot for You!
By Mark Blackburn
Pivot is now a widely used term in golf instruction, so much so that it has become somewhat of a buzzword...READ MORE>>

Breaking 100/90/80: How to Use Your Body
By Mark Blackburn
As a rotary sport, golf requires proper body action to unlock power and consistency. But most golfers don't use their bodies efficiently -- sometimes not enough, sometimes in the wrong way. When a student is learning a teacher's swing pattern, biomechanics supersedes swing mechanics every time...READ MORE>>

Tiger Woods Vs Usain Bolt: It may be closer than you think!
By Steven Adams, Blackburn Golf Advisory Board Member
Forget about the scandal, injury and current re-working of his swing for just a moment, and take yourself back to a time (not that long ago) when Tiger ruled the fairways...READ MORE>>

Start scoring from the first tee – The value of a warm-up
By Steven Adams, Blackburn Golf Advisory Board Member
Does this sound familiar: Arrive at the golf course – get the golf clubs out of the car (or locker) - meet playing partners on the first tee – pull out your driver and ball - have a few swings until its your turn at the tee...READ MORE>>

Case Study: Geoff Ogilvy Shoulder Injury
By Steven Adams, Blackburn Golf Advisory Board Member
During relatively passive activities Geoff experienced discomfort when he moved the left shoulder, slept on his left side, and when breathing deeply. When performing the golf swing his movements in the upper extremity were limited...READ MORE>>

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